Open Access Week 2010

We're excited to announce that will be celebrating Open Access Week in conjunction with CUNY Libraries during the week of October 18, 2010.

Our presentation, "The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle," will be part of the "Open Access - Activism around Emerging Issues in Scholarship" panel on Monday, October 18th in the Brooklyn College Library's Woody Tanger Auditorium, and will be free and open to the public.

Further details on the week's events follow; it should prove to be an amazing week of thought and discussion, complete with a free screening of Nina Paley's wonderful Sita Sings the Blues Wednesday evening. Stay tuned for further updates!


In May 1883, in response to a population explosion, the Brooklyn Bridge opened a new, free path between the cities of New York and Brooklyn....In October, 2010, in honor of Open Access Week and in response to an information explosion, the CUNY colleges of Brooklyn will show faculty and students free and open paths to scholarly information.

Please join the Brooklyn College Library and the Ursula C. Schwerin Library, New York City College of Technology, in marking Open Access Week this fall.

The Open Access movement has threaded its way into many avenues of human culture. Creators of literature, music, film and art are acknowledging the rich heritage that has enabled their own creative thinking and in turn are offering their productions to the greater community at no charge. Academic publishing has situated itself in the open access arena. The output, online, open-access scholarly literature, measures up to the same standards as other peer-reviewed and removes the economic and logistical barriers to access.

Throughout the week of October 18-24, 2010 CUNY Libraries will be offering exciting programming at two locations to open your sensibilities to the benefits and practices of a open access information sharing. Look forward to a full week of exciting events:


Monday, October 18, 2-4 pm @ the Brooklyn College Library, Woody Tanger Auditorium

Open Access: How it Works / Will it Work for You?

Join a discussion of the viable models of open access publishing, learn where open access journals are indexed and come to understand the impact of open access publishing.

Open Access - Activism around Emerging Issues in Scholarship

Learn about the government position on open access publishing, lobbying efforts to make information more accessible, student activism around the issue and the new, emerging Reader's Bill of Rights for Digital Books.


Tuesday, October 19, 3-5 pm @ @ New York City College of Technology, Atrium 632 (Faculty Lounge)

Open Access Scholarly Publishing: How Can Faculty Get Involved?

Discover the world of the Creative Commons, the Directory of Open Access Journals and the Open Journal System.


Wednesday, October 20, 6-9 pm @ the Brooklyn College Library, Woody Tanger Auditorium

Open Access in the Arts & Teaching

Performance and panelists including Doug Geers (BC/Music), Michael Mandiberg (CSI/Media Culture) and Nina Paley (; full screening of Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues to follow panel presentation.


Thursday October 21, 12:45-2pm @ Ursula Schwerin Library, New York City College of Technology, Rm. A432 (Projection Room)

Cinem@tech Film Screening: RiP: A Remix Manifesto

Filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age.


Thursday October 21, 5:30-7pm @ Ursula C. Schwerin Library, Atrium 632 (Faculty Lounge)

Web 2.0 Happy Hour: Open Access Course Materials

Learn from faculty who have taught with open access textbooks and course materials.

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