Librarians Against DRM

Please use these images in support of our work against DRM with the Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books.

Defective by Design defines Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) here: What is DRM?

These images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Please cite

♡ Copying is an act of love. Please copy.

The graphics were created for us by cartoonist and artist-in-residence Nina Paley. You can support Nina's work and view her amazing and Creative Commons licensed film, Sita Sings the Blues, over at her website.

Update: SVG Files are now attached (below)!

LAD_diamond.png26.23 KB
LAD_semicircle.png53.9 KB
LAD_semicircle.svg29.68 KB
LAD_diamond.svg28.31 KB

More Images

See the attachments, or more sizes here:

One of the logos is also available through the Wikimedia Commons:

And we're getting buttons made for distro at ACRL through Small World Buttons:

Creative Commons licensed on Flickr

FYI on Flickr these show up with a CCL requiring attribution. That contradicts your "please use these images" statement on this page, which implies no need for attribution.


FYI: We've updated our license info on this site.

Vector-based version of the logo

Great initiative.

I especially like the logo, is there a vector-based version available (SVG)? That would help to create high quality stickers.

Thank you

Vector-based version attempt

I made an svg file and put it in the Mikimedia Commons, but it appears that it gets automatically converted to a png when downloaded. So that's not helpful.

Where can a downloadable svg live? Flickr won't take it. Neither will my wordpress site.

If folks want an SVG file,

If folks want an SVG file, send us a message on the contact form--I think we'll have to email them out.

RE: Vector-based version of the logo

We hope to have SVG attachments up by the end of the week--thanks for the interest!


these would look great on a tshirt!

re: tshirts

Someone put up a Cafe Press store already here:

The Two Logo's

They are fantastic, both of them. I just have one request, if possible.

There are those of us, who are authors, that are very much against DRM, and all restrictions on our works. As a published author, I dream of the day when I'll see my books listed in a library catalog, on CD's and in MP3 format for people to listen to. I'm a strong believer in literacy for all people, and an opponent of censorship of any kind. I despise what some publishers are doing to the e-book market. So I raise my voice whenever I can.

Nina has done a great job, but could you have her create just one more, Authors Against DRM? Some of us would wear that as a badge of honor.

Lark LaTroy
Published Author
Silver Publishing

What about publishers?

I've had a request for another graphic so publishers can join in.

I think it's a great idea.


Hello there:

I was made aware of your cause by a pair of librarian friends of mine. I make buttons and magnets of my own design (outre and fringe causes, as well as activist and protest causes). I would like to donate a portion of sales from the DRM fist logo to your cause. I have set up an eBay site as well as an Etsy featuring the button/magnet that can be seen here:

I hope you approve, if not I will remove.

regards and thanks



Hi Colin,

We're happy to have folks use Nina's images in support of our work. We suggest that if anyone would like to support Librarians/Readers Against DRM that they should make a donation to the following organizations (we have little/no overhead fees for this project and gladly donate our own time to it. We plan to donate any profit we may generate to these groups).

If you donate, one way you can help us would be to let the organization know that you are doing so in support of our work against digital restrictions with the Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books (

It would make us really happy to know our work would benefit the following organizations:

Also now buttons available

Also now buttons available at:

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