About this Site

Our goals with this website are:

  • To increase awareness of the ways that ebooks are unique in terms of readers' rights. We feel that ebooks are unlike other products, and that the restrictions and closed technologies that come with many ebooks and their reading devices pose a particularly troublesome threat to long-held fair use rights and the right to read.
  • To encourage critical examination of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and how it affects ebooks.
  • To invite conversation about library collections and electronic books; we want to insure that digital materials can be retained as part of permanent collections.
  • To provide alternatives to DRM and closed technologies for ebooks, and guidelines for consideration when purchasing ebooks for personal or library collections (The Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books).

This site has been developed by librarian Alycia Sellie and technologist Matthew Goins, who can be reached at the contact page. We encourage feedback and further conversation!

The hashtag we use most is: #readersrights
We are sharing updates as @readersrights via Twitter and

We are not on Facebook. Here are a few links that represent our decision not to share information on Facebook, or within walled gardens and gated communities on the web:

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